In recent years, users have become more oriented in the online space and more demanding to the content of the information they receive. When it comes to business, finding new customers and partners, tracking the development of an industry, important information about what is happening in certain areas and job search, more and more people turn to the social network Linkedin. This obliges its users to be present with relevant content for their activity and their target audience.

The 3: 1: 1 publication scheme is recommended. If you release 5 posts in a given period, 3 of them should have interesting and new content that you have not published before; 1 post with old content, presented from another angle, which you remind about, and 1 advertising post, in which you present your product or service in an attractive way.

The content you post can be your own, but also sharing someone else’s news. Publish materials on various topics, thus engaging more and different types of network users. The goal is to build relationships and stay interesting to your target audience.

You can choose different approaches to the topic of the publications. The largest amaunt should be occupied by articles related to your work, product or service that you offer. Share your achievements, experience, methods of work. You can also write about some of your failures so that people can learn from your mistakes and prevent them. Do not neglect personal topics. You can mark some important events in your life – wedding, childbirth, graduation. For these articles, it is very appropriate to post photos and short videos.

For the Linkedin digital tool to work effectively, a certain strategy needs to be followed. The key to attracting more customers and increasing interest in your business is consistency. This means a permanent and planned presence in the space of the social network. Users prefer the products and services of companies and people they have known, liked, trusted and built relationships with.

Your strategy should be focused not so much on the quantity but on the quality of the publications. You don’t need to flood potential customers with too many articles and other types of materials. Your regular presence with well-designed and interesting announcements is important.

Linkedin accepts author’s volume materials. They can win you more views, provide better audience engagement, and most importantly, attract more buyers.

Your target audience needs to be kind of trained to follow what you post on social media. To do this, some general rules must be followed:

  • Choose appropriate topics. Don’t waste time on obvious things that everyone already knows.
  • Do not be superficial. The publication should reveal the issue in as much detail as possible and have real value, make people think and draw their own conclusions.
  • Post in your own style. This can apply both to the content of the post and in general to how you position yourself, with what jokes you diversify the content, how you start and finish your texts, etc.
  • Write competently. Following the rules of spelling, punctuation, grammar, shows a serious attitude to what you do. The illiterate post totally rejects potential customers, having in mind the mostly intelligent audience on Linkedin.
  • Choose an attractive title. As soon as the material is published, your contacts receive a notification that contains only the title. To make sure your post doesn’t go unnoticed, it should have an intriguing title.
  • Add photos and videos. Good visualization works in favor of the attractiveness of the publication, invites attention, views and shares, increases trust in the company or person who releases the material.

Articles such as “How to do something” are also popular on Linkedin. Posts with this type of instruction receive the most views, likes, comments and are more shared than other types of material. Articles with lists, such as “Ten ways to …” are also preferred ones. Such posts collect a lot of likes, views, shares and comments.

In addition to articles, a great format for a Linkedin presence is video. The reason the video format is so popular on Linkedin is simple – it’s well received. Of course, we are not talking about long videos, but short and memorable informative videos that will help attract the attention of a wide audience. Just stand in front of the camera and present information on a topic. You can also complete the video with a presentation. The videos show that the company or person actually exists and increase the trust of potential customers and followers.

We will pay attention to another aspect when releasing materials – the loading time of your posts should be appropriate for your target audience. It’s worth putting yourself in their shoes and thinking about the perfect time for them to read your post. Obviously, it doesn’t have to be Monday morning, as most of your potential readers return to the office after the weekend and usually start immediately with the tasks that have accumulated during that time. The second half of Friday is also not the best option, as people usually try to finish their work before the weekend. In order for your article to be noticed, you need to determine when the users of the platform are most active. According to some studies, the materials published on Thursday and Sunday receive the most reviews. Of course, you need to experiment with hours and days to determine the ideal time to publish articles for your own audience, but this data can serve as a basis.