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My LinkedIn Profile became an eye-catching billboard in just 72 hours.

Now I connect with and warm up my perfect clients with Custom Messages + Consistent Follow-ups without putting hours, even a minute away from doing it.

I also received an ebook – “The Secret of Closing More Deals with Messaging on LinkedIn”. Now it’s effortless to book calls with potential customers through chat.

Кура ми Янко

CEO, Ebalnici Inc.

From: Ves Aleksandrov

Subject: Value-Based Outbound Lead Generation

A lot of entrepreneurs want to have more qualified leads who are ready to buy their products and services and close more deals, but they don’t dedicate enough time and energy to better target and follow-up with them.

Therefore, they don’t make enough sales to keep their business up, and sooner or later, they are forced to cease.

If you’re struggling to close more deals through LinkedIn, it’s because you don’t target the right people, and even if you do, you don’t dedicate enough time and energy to follow-up with them. Even worse, your LinkedIn profile may don’t seem to fit your perfect client needs and desires.

If you haven’t closed enough deals on LinkedIn, it’s NOT your fault. Most people fail to build a profile that attracts and engages their ideal clients. Your profile is an essential part and the reason is that your leads are interested only in how you can help them.

Your credibility as a salesperson is now derived from social proof points – that is, what others say about you. Your LinkedIn profile is the first place that you need to appear credible because it’s likely the first place that customers will notice you.

Seriously, you MUST be able to convey (via your LI profile) that you ‘might’ know what you are talking about, and that you ‘might’ be a potential resource to your buyers in helping them solve problems. Anything less and your days in sales is now coming to an end. It sounds blunt, but it’s true.

Another problem of not closing deals on LinkedIn are messages. Most people fail to craft messages that engage with their leads and ‘make them respond. Even worse, most people don’t follow-up enough to establish a good business relationship.

Either you are going to take the lead and stand out of your competitors using the most significant B2B social media platform the right way, or you will stay aside and watch how they are doing business with your ex-potential customers.

The sooner you start transforming your LinkedIn presence, the better for you and your business!

My Story: How I went from Loser to Closer

My first meet with sales was when I was 7-years old when my parents opened their grocery store. 

At the time, I was a shy little kid who avoided talking to strangers, stranded his peers (besides those who were familiar with his relatives), and refused to stay in the store for fear of communicating with other people. 

Although my parents still have this store to this day and I grew up in it, among the conversations with customers and suppliers, I was always the same boy who was an introvert and did not like to communicate with people.

At that point, my relationship with sales was clinging on fear, hatred, and avoidance, and that was the main reason why I decided to start studying law and become a lawyer, without realizing that these were top-level sales and that subsequently changed my life.

During my second year at university, I accidentally came across an application form. Since I was bored with everything going on at the university and beyond, I decided to fill it out. 

So I became part of AIESEC – the largest student organization in the world, where my love for sales and marketing originated.

I managed to reach the highest level in the management of the local organization there, but before that, I went through many twists and turns, poor results, teams left, etc. 

During my growth at AIESEC, my true love for sales was born, for the reason that we always lacked one thing – enough students to go on internships, which put the local branch of the organization in danger of being closed.

At the same time, I decided to start working as a consultant at a small student brigade and internship company, where I realized the vital importance of having a steady stream of new clients for a business so that it could grow and, more importantly, to survive.

After six months there and with high results, I received a proposal to become a Business Development Manager in a small office of the largest fast loan company in Bulgaria, which I accepted.

There, even though the entire office team put a lot of effort into advertising and constant sales, I realized the importance of the massive flow of potential customers for every business again, because every month we were on the verge of catching up with our goals. 

Sometimes we succeeded, sometimes not, but when we managed, it cost us incredible effort, nerves, and mental energy.

After a year there, I decided to quit and pursue my dream of starting my own business, a goal that arose before I entered university.

Briefly, for two years, I have failed two startups. The main reason for both to fail was the lack of sufficient and well-paying customers. 

This lack came because, despite the skills that I had acquired so far, neither I nor any of my team had one essential ability – doing Outbound Lead Generation.

Most successful companies, like many marketers, make the Outbоund Lead Generation seem insignificant, but it’s just a bluff.

Outbound Lead Generation, along with growth hacking, are prerequisites for every company’s growth and development.

What gives me a terrible impression is that when it comes to lead generation, the importance of building a brand, a network of international contacts, and a purely human connection are not declared as significant.

Lead generation should serve to build a vast network of contacts that will work for you and your business, as well as increase the ROI and overall value of your company.

One of the main obstacles most people face is that everyone wants results today or for a short time, but this is impossible, especially if the Outbound Lead Generation doesn’t do the way it has to be.

When the Outbound Lead Generation Process is improperly built and not bound to the right targeting, messaging, and positioning, it only deludes it delivers results, but does the opposite. That leads to poor results, weak growth, loss of motivation, and tension, which leads to job and company closure.

Without new customers, the turnover is reducing, the company exhales, jobs are closing and the business bankrupts.

After the failure of my startups, the loss of motivation, and the conversation with hundreds of people from different industries, I realized that outsourcing Outbound Lead Generation doesn’t work anymore.

When messaging and targeting are wrong, the brand gets hurt, even though there is no lousy advertising.

To change this, we decided to create a system that helps entrepreneurs like myself build a network of potential clients and partners with whom they’re connected and easily accessible in one place and for whom they position themselves as the right person to whom they can trust.

I realized that Standard outbound lead generation gives good results, but value-based outbound lead generation provides even better.

In the last few months, I have been talking to dozens of entrepreneurs from almost all over the world. All of them have had difficulty finding the right clients and partners to keep and grow their businesses.

Some used Linkedin but did not utilize its full potential. Others didn’t know about it at all and built their businesses based on recommendations until their competitors became proactive and took their potential clients.

After realizing that our system can help thousands, we decided it was time to offer it to all entrepreneurs and people who need to grow their business with value-based outbound lead generation.

Case Study: How I Grew My LinkedIn Profile From 0 to 1,079 Targeted Connections in Just One Month That Helped Me Book 23 appointments with Potential Clients on LinkedIn

Preliminary Preparation 

Step 1: We’ve optimized the LinkedIn profile to present in the most understandable and meaningful way what I offer and how people can benefit from that. We outlined everything that may be in interest to my perfect clients.

Step 2: We’ve framed the ideal client profile and done precise targeting through LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Step 3: We’ve created invitation notes as well as follow-up sequence messages that fit my target profiles and campaign goals.

The Process of Growing

  • We’ve outlined a scenario to send follow-up messages 
  • We sent out 90 connection requests a day for 30 days
  • In keeping with the scenario, we sent follow-up messages on time to those who accepted the request
  • After someone replied to one of the messages, I continued to communicate with them.

The results of a total of 2673 connection requests sent in one month were impressive!

    1079 people accepted the connection request (40.37% Acceptance Rate)

    396 people replied (36.7% of Those Who Accepted the Connection)

    After all, I managed to arrange 23 meetings with potential clients for that campaign.

    If you really want to qualify as a credible business person to your potential clients on LinkedIn, our Passion4Growth Service is right for you, but don’t worry about that right now. Before you make any kind of decision let me tell you a quick story.

    Let me tell you a story that’ll help you understand how powerful this is.


    When I started my LinkedIn Lead Generation journey, I was completely confused by the fact that I was used to doing Lead Gen in a completely different way.


    Previously, I used different platforms to find data and understand more about my potential customers.


    I used Google, Clutch, AngelsCo, Craiglist, YellowPages, EZ Local, Foursquare, etc. as well as job sites.


    You can imagine how much this is for a person who cannot afford to hire staff to do this, on the one hand, and on the other, the time spent on this endeavor.


    I was giving a lot of money for software that helped me find my potential customers’ data and then started ringing and sending emails that were almost zero reads.


    I was desperate. I didn’t want this to go on forever! I was determined that if I didn’t find a way to make the Lead Generation Process easier, faster, and more secure, I’d better give up.


    As anyone else would, I started looking for a solution!

    One Tuesday morning I received an email. That was from the organizers of a digital business event who invited me to mentor on “How to Build an International Affiliate Network While Working From Home”.


    Wonderful! Another opportunity to meet like-minded people!


    I joined the Facebook group of the event and decided to look for like-minded people I could meet.


    So I came across Velik Haznatarliev, who at the time was actively engaged in chatbots and developing solutions for companies that could not handle client requests online.


    After contacting him, I shared about the issues I have with Lead Gen.


    Surprisingly, he was also anxious to solve the same problem and mentioned to me that he had come up with a solution that I had for some reason I was ignoring, and that was The Power of LinkedIn Lead Generation!


    Using the Passion4Growth approach, we have achieved incredible results, which have brought us huge advantages over our competitors, and thanks to that, we are able to earn a lot!

    My message to you is that If you really want to qualify as a credible business person in front of your potential clients on LinkedIn, our Passion4Growth Service is the right choice and if you act now, you will receive the #1 ebook for closing deals on LinkedIn

    “The Secret of Closing More Deals with Messaging on LinkedIn”

    Тhe game of sales changes rapidly and will change more quickly in the upcoming months and years. That means you need to adapt to finding the right people, using the proper methods and strategies to build trust and, thanks to all this, close more deals online. Our book will help you create a scalable sales process to get higher-quality customers every month WITHOUT spending a buck on ads OR making calls.

    When you are qualified for the service, you can take advantage of three tailor-made plans designed to fulfill the stated goal – To Close More Deals on LinkedIn Through Messaging.

    Each Passion4Growth Plan Includes:

     Professional LinkedIn Profile Audit ($49)

     Professional Profile Status Report ($49)

    Creating and Implementing Your Personal Branded Profile ($167)

     In-depth Clients Targeting ($257)

     Personal Invitation note for each New Connection ($1/note)

     Follow-up Messages Sequences ($325/sequence)

     Time-Precise Follow-up on Accepted Connections ($3/message sent)

     Up to 90 new connections per day ($45/day)

     CSV file with all the available info for each lead ($99)

    $8,533.00 initially and then $5,270.00 per month

    For best results, we recommend that the campaign lasts at least 3 months which is $19,073

    87% off = $2479