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Step 2 - Your LinkedIn Profile Optimization
Step 3 - Securely Share Access to Your LinkedIn Profile

Attention: We need your credentials to optimize your profile, find prospects, send connection requests and send follow-up messages.

We advise our clients to set their LinkedIn Password as another of what they usually use.

Securely Share Access to Your LinkedIn Profile

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Step 5 - What's Next?

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Within 24 hours after submitting Step 4 (Company Details), you will receive an invoice with the amount of 50% of your monthly payment plan.

Within three business days after making a payment, you will receive editable Google documents with more details about how your LinkedIn profile will look like after optimization and what the invitation notes will be, as well as the message sequences to your target audience.

You will have the opportunity to edit the information, as well as to provide your options we can use for testing and see which will work best for you and your potential customers.

Your prospecting campaign will start when you confirm everything.