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Your Company Details

Step 1 - Your Ideal Client Profile

Ideal Client Profile

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Step 2 - Creating Email Templates

After we know WHO your Ideal Client is, we will start creating email templates and sequences for outreaching them.

Step 3 - Creating LinkedIn Messages

LinkedIn is much different than any other messaging channel. That’s why we will create LinkedIn Messages to warm up prospects and to let them jump on a call with you!

Step 4 - Creating Cold-call Scripts

After we know WHO your Ideal Client is, we will start creating cold-call scripts to warm up prospects on the phone and make them ready for your meeting!

Step 5 - Appointment Setter's Training

Appointment setting is one of the most challenging stages of business development. It also is one of the most important since it can speed up or slow down the number of sales a company makes. We have a training program for appointment setters that is specifically constructed to train them get you the best appointments!

Step 6 - Finding Prospects

When we set up everything above, we will start searching for prospects that meet your ideal client requirements.

Step 7 - Start Outreaching Prospects

The best part! We will start to outreach ideal prospects through possible channels for maximum touchpoints with them.

Step 8 - What's Next?

If you have gone through all the steps so far, then everything is going well.

We will start your outreaching campaign within seven days after payment of the invoice (which you will receive by email).

The daily target will be 50 prospects/day that we will reach through Email, LinkedIn, and Phone.

Also, you will receive updates every 14 days from Your Campaign Manager.

P.S. We need access to your booking system (ex. Calendly) and your e-meeting system (ex. Skype, Zoom).