How a Newly Born IT Consulting Company Went From 0 To 30 HOT Leads in 1 Month Using The P4G Autopilot Service

The Discovery Call


At the beginning of May, we got a call with Konstantin Yagodin and Nikolay Avdzhiyski – Founders of BraveIT Consulting. After a small talk, we understood that it’s a newly founded company from experienced leaders in business and IT as Nick and Konstantin were. We had to learn more about what they were doing and what their vision is, so we asked them the following questions.


Question: What were you doing before the present moment?

Answer: We were identifying leads and establishing contact with them


Q: What were you trying to achieve?

A: We were trying to present our company and services with the ultimate goal of finding new clients.


Q: Based on your answers, what problem do you want to solve using our service?

A: The main problem is the difficulty of finding the right leads.


Q: What were you trying, and what were your frustrations?

A: We were trying different options, such as famous social networks or websites for networking. Our frustration was the time investment vs. the low success rate.


Q: Where did you first hear about us?

A: Recommendation from friends.


Q: What piqued your interest?

A: The innovative approach you have.

The Process and Results


After the first meeting, we had two more to clarify everything around the onboarding process. After that, we started with enhancing Konstantin and Nikolay’s LinkedIn profiles and doing the targeting research for people who are their ideal audience.

When we found the right people to connect with, we created a messaging sequence that was tailor-made to achieve their main target – to warm up prospects with whom they can set up an appointment.

After we set up everything and got Nick and Konstantin’s approval for the outlook of their profiles and the messaging sequence, we got started with reaching out to 90-100 targeted prospects per day on LinkedIn.

In this case study, we’ll be reviewing Nikolay Avdzhiyski’s profile and his results for the first month of using the Passion4Growth Linkedin Hero Plan.

From day one until the end of his contract period which was 1 month, we were sending connection requests with a personalized note to each person, which helped us to achieve around 20% acceptance rate from people who are in his target audience.

After someone accepted a connection request, we followed-up with them until they responded. When someone answered, Nick was taking the lead and going forward with a more in-depth qualification and eventual appointment with the person.

Thanks to all the work we did for him, at the end of the period, he achieved three successful meetings with hot leads through his LinkedIn profile.

The Feedback Call


At the end of August, Nick’s subscription has finished. We were very happy for him because he was always giving great feedback on his experience with us, so we decided to do the last feedback call to clarify how was the whole experience for him while using Autopilot. 

P.S. We were also eager to know other things regarding our presence, so let’s go with the Q&A!


Question: Why did you decide to do business with us?

Answer: Excellent first impression: excellent presentation and step by step explanation of the approach


Q: Describe working with us. In what area did you get the most value?

A: Working with you was a great pleasure as I knew that I could always count on you, your support and your expertise. The most significant value for us was the time-saving opportunity.


Q: Why do you think that is?

A: Thanks to your innovative approach, you were able to find the right leads and establish contact with them within a concise period


Q: What results did you achieve from working with us?

A: We managed to receive many new connections and to enter in conversation with many high-quality leads which otherwise we would not have found or would have spent an enormous amount of time to find


Q: What areas of your business/life improved, and by how much?

A: All areas of our business were improved as.


Q: Why do you think they improved?

A: Thanks for your help in our Business Development; we were allowed some extra free time to also focus on other aspects of our work.


Q: How likely are you to recommend us?

A: 100% I would recommend you


Q: Why should someone listening take action right now?

A: It will improve its investment vs. return. By investment, I mean investments in terms of time and efforts to find and contact leads, and by return, I mean the generated hot leads by that investment.


Q: What were the ends numbers – accepted invitations, received messages, interested prospects, warm leads, meetings, ect.?

A: On a monthly basis: roughly 450 accepted invites, 120 received messages, 30 leads, 10 warm prospects, and 3 meetings.


Q: What else can we do to help make your life easier, or what are some of the challenges you face in your daily work life?

A: All perfect.

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