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Ves Georgiev, CEO

Ves is a business development expert with a keen sense for business development, sales, international expansion, business network creation, and growth. Currently, as CEO of Passion4Growth, he is responsible for the company’s international growth, maintaining the vision, client relationship, and keeping the good spirit through the other team members.


Tavit Tavityan, Growth Representative

Tavit is passionate, goal-driven, and result-orientated. Every business needs a Tavit as he is an extremely valuable addition to Passion4Growth thanks to his intuitive selling, his natural charisma, and continuous advocacy for using best practices. By understanding the psychology and underlying rules of the business foundation he brings great value to the team and our clients altogether.


Petar Gavrilov, Business Ambassador

 I’ve always been fascinated by the way people communicate and the intention behind every word. My interests in psychology and business have intertwined, and my mission is to help business owners convey their message to their target audience.

Behind my back are years of experience working for small startups and scaling industry leaders. I have dedicated myself to ensuring that your potential customers will get engaged in your business idea and attract like-minded partners.


Yani Goranov, Strategic Growth Representative

By studying and specializing in Marketing and Business development, Yani emerged as a highly adaptive and informed communicator, with a broad perspective and ability to workaround obstacles and continuously innovate. His ability to grow sustainable businesses and communities, by strategizing impactful solutions, adding continuous value to long-term relationships allows great flexibility for our work in Passion4Growth.


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